Saturday, March 22, 2014

A week's worth of sewing & knitting

In my clean-up mode, 
I'm finishing up lots of projects
that have been calling my name
in my sewing room.
I had dyed the above silk almost a year ago,
but finally got around to 
making lavender sachets with it.

Did you know that lavender is great
for keeping moths away from wool?
I've placed the new sachets in all of 
my sweater drawers and yarn stash.

Speaking of sweaters, I finished my 
Hemingway Boyfriend Cardigan
last weekend.

All the ends are woven in,
it's blocked,
it's photographed on my Ravelry page!

The yarn is very soft and warm,
and the fit is extremely comfortable.
I love the pockets.
I had deliberated about knitting them,
but I love how they look, so I'm glad I went the extra mile.

I also finished my 
I haven't had a chance to wear it yet,
but I'm sure I will soon.

I love the little nupps, and am so happy that I 
learned to perfect them!

I had a brief hiatus from radiation this week.
The machine that treats me was out of commission for three days!
I was glad to get to sleep in the extra half hour,
but also sad that I missed three treatments and will now
have to make them up at the end of April.
Oh well, c'est la vie!
I was also a bit over zealous at the gym on Wednesday,
and tore a fragment of one of my pecs -
so, sadly, no weight lifting for a WEEK.
I love that class and sometimes think that that 
is what keeps me sane.

We enjoyed Horizon Theater's production of
Elemeno Pea this afternoon.
It runs through April 13th,
so if you are in the area, do see it!

Lastly, one of my art idols,

will be teaching a 3-day workshop at the 
SEFAA Center in Atlanta
April 4-6.
There are still just a few spots open,
so if you are interested,
check it out here.
I am over the moon excited about this class.
It is like a dream come true for me -
in fact, I had to get a special dispensation from my Radiologist
so that I could skip a treatment
in order to be with this fabulous artist!
Don't miss this opportunity!!

Happy Spring!
Thanks for popping in!

Peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

The silk is beautiful that you used for your sachets. I am in love with your sweater and shawl. They are both looks so classy. I wish I could stow away and attend Cas' class. The description sounds like a wonderful class. Pace yourself, Sister! xxo

deanna7trees said...

that shawl is gorgeous. i recently learned how to knit nupps and i love how they look. enjoy the class. sounds wonderful.

Carol said...

Gorgeous silk, Judy, and your knitting is, as always, just beautiful. Lovely you can go to your class, nice of your radiologist to say okay. It's so good to hear you sounding so upbeat and active. You're an inspiration! xox99

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Wow! You have finished some beautiful projects here! And the class sounds like something I would love... her work is beautiful - enjoy! Take it easy at the gym... no fun pulling or straining muscles! I am happy to hear your radiation will be done soon... hang in there, sounds like you will be up to enjoying summer!

Maggo said...

You certainly have been busy. The lavender sachets are gorgeous and I love your knitting. I always need pockets!

I know you are going to have a wonderful time with Cas and I'm only surprised that her class isn't full. They always fill up really quickly over here.

Take care of those pecs, superwoman you may be but invincible you're not :)

Connie Rose said...

Your new handknits are really fab! That sweater reminds me of one I knit for myself back in the 70s. I knit so many sweaters back right after the other. And enjoyed wearing them. I also knit a lot in the late 90s, when I spun all my own yarn (and dyed it, too...and then wove with it). Although I still own a couple of handknits, I never wear them because it's simply not cold enough here to wear wool, plus it itches me up the wazoo now...:( The rest of my collection I sold or gave to friends.
Have a happy Sunday my friend! xoxo

Connie said...

Dear Sweet Judy . . . you are Amazing!
Have a wonderful day,
Connie :)