Monday, April 07, 2014

Cas Holmes Class Day Three

Yesterday was our third and final class day with 
Cas Holmes.
We accomplished a lot in three days
and I think we all were really stretched.
I finally found the courage
to cut into most of my large glued pieces
and made them into smaller works.
We free motion stitched and then cut away segments -
it was thrilling to see how the pieces were transformed.
The piece above is composed mainly of paper,
with a portion of a hanky on the right side.
I have yet to stitch on it,
but it is pasted together
and will receive much attention soon.

The piece below is composed of cotton with
a bit of scrim
(upper right in red violet),
and more of the hanky beneath it.

It was part of a much larger piece 
which was divided unequally into four.
I have done some hand stitching on it
and some free motion embroidery.
I will probably add more to it.

I love the piece below

All three works contain
pieces of 'the hanky'.
This one also has bits of paper -
both tissue and a label from a bottle.
I've done machine stitching but no handwork yet.

Here we all are yesterday afternoon:

back l to r: Martha, Karen, me, Cas
front: Sandy & Rene.

Rene flew in from New Mexico,
but the rest of us are local.
Rene will follow Cas to San Diego 
where she will take another two rounds of classes from her.
Lucky girl!!
We were so fortunate to have just five of us in the class.
Cas was able to give us each so much individual attention.
She will give a lecture tomorrow evening 
at 6:30 at the SEFAA Center,
so if you are in Atlanta, 
you definitely should attend.

Cas will spend a few days here with me
(yes: lucky girl here too!),
and then she will fly to Phoenix to teach,
before heading to California.

On a totally different note,
we have had heavy rains overnight.
When I returned home from radiation this morning,
I snapped the picture below:

An hour later, I snapped this picture:

My beautiful Adirondack chairs are now
totally engulfed in water
our dock, canoe and my beloved kayak
have floated over to the right
(you can't even see my bright orange kayak 
in the second picture!).
It is still raining,
and probably will all day!
I love it, but wish it would slow down a little!

thanks for popping in!

peace to you and yours!


Connie Rose said...

Beautiful work, Judy! Sounds like it was a great workshop. Have a lovely week! xoxo

Jeannie said...

Oh, I love what you created in your class. A little rain? Gez Louise!!! That is impressive. We are still in a drought and I really wish it would rain to clear the air. Enjoy your time with Cass, you lucky gal!!! xoxo

deanna7trees said...

love how you made your own 'fabric' by cutting up and putting back many possibilities. send some of that rain over this way. we need it desperately.

Cas Holmes said...

See you soon Judy and we will play morex

Carol said...

Oh, wow, this class looks fantastic and your work is beautiful! How lovely to have Cass to stay! Lucky you and I suspect, lucky Cass!

Martha said...

So fun to revisit the time we spent with Cas. And I love all of your pieces. I am going to run upstairs right this very minute and free motion stitch!

Maggi said...

I love your pieces. I'm so glad that you had such a good time.

I do hope that the rain has eased off for you by now, wouldn't like to see you floating away :)