Sunday, April 13, 2014

Four Days of Play

Cas Holmes arrived at our house on Tuesday afternoon,
and playtime commenced!
We really had a ball.
She was a delightful guest,
and fit right in to our quirky routines.
We were all very sad when Saturday arrived,
and she had to fly on to Phoenix.
but I've seen photos of her new home,
and I know she is having a great time there too!

We spent a lot of time in my 'wet' studio,
pasting, painting, stamping, dyeing, etc.

When things dried, we'd take them into the house
and start sewing them.
(Poor Cas also ran into our resident black snake
on her first afternoon going from the studio to our house!
Fortunately she didn't go into shock!)

We hiked to the top of Amicalola Falls on Wednesday.

Cas brought along her sketchbook
and did a bit of drawing and painting.
It was a glorious day
and the wildflowers were blooming beautifully everywhere.

Our first hummingbirds of the season 
arrived at our feeders this week as well.
Cas had never seen a hummingbird,
and this one kept teasing her
to get her camera and photograph it.

I always have my iPhone in my pocket,
so I snapped a few quick pics.

We enjoyed lunch at Avocados
 on the Square in Gainesville
on Thursday.
Love the old lampposts on the Square

I got a bit more paper and fabric collaging 
done in the afternoons.

I'll be cutting these up 
and reassembling them…..
and of course adding hand and machine stitch.
So much fun!
Cas has opened a whole new avenue
for me….
at just the right time in my life!
…….and she added new little snippets of goodies
to my stash:

When I use these, I shall remember her visit

 Cas even cooked us dinner one evening!
She is a vegetarian,
so made us a yummy curry.

C couldn't resist 'helping' in the kitchen!

I hope that you will have the opportunity
to take a class with Cas Holmes…..
she is so much more than a fabulous artist.
You will enjoy her as a person as well!

thanks for stopping in

Peace to you and yours


Jeannie said...

Okay, I am beyond green with envy!!! Being with you for four days would be delightful. Add in Cas, and I probably would be imitating a Jack Russel terrier. LOL! You sooooo deserved four days of play. I love what you are creating and can't wait to see more. xoxo

Diana Angus said...

What a fantastic opportunity for all! Kudos to you, Judy! Thanks for sharing this.

Carol said...

I'm green with envy too! What wonderful time you've had with Cass. I love what you've been doing together.

Jane LaFazio said...

Ditto what Jeannie said! What a fabulous opportunity and just plain fun!,

Beverly said...

How cool for both of you! Add me to those who are green with envy!

Maggi said...

What a wonderful time you obviously had. Cas sounds like a very thoughtful and easy guest.

Anonymous said...
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Cas Holmes said...

Thankyou to Judy who made me feel so at home, shared the wonderful daily walks with delightful Craig and the poodles and gave me some play timex