Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Knits and Sews

Summertime, and the knitting is easy!
I'm having the best time knitting away on my 
Sunburst Shawl, designed by Sarah Punderson.
(more info is here)
It's a fun knit and Sarah's directions are very easy to follow.
I think I have about 10 more rows to knit,
but as you can see, they are looooong rows.
I will miss it when it is finished,
so I'm looking at new shawl patterns now!
(Sarah has some beauties!)

Here are my Opal socks:

……just a couple of detail shots of the beautiful yarn.
I'm almost ready to turn the heals,
but my Sunburst has really taken the front row seat!

I've finished a really fun sew session for our granddaughter Maggie.

I've used this pattern from Purl Soho for the gathered top,
and this pattern from Dana Made It for the diaper cover.
I can't wait to see this on Mags.

I really like the gathered top instructions -
very nice French seams on the sides and a lot of edge stitching,
makes for a neat and tidy piece.

You can see a bit of the detail here.

The fabric is seersucker, which I always love for summer!

Now for a bit of a switch in gears,
my new taste treat is this:

Do you like Chai Tea?
I hadn't tried it until recently, and I'm now addicted!
A huge treat for me is a Chai Latte from Starbucks,
but when I'm not near a Starbucks, I can mix this up!

Last Monday, our CSA basket looked like this:

The corn is outstanding!  So sweet and fresh.
We enjoyed a spaghetti squash au gratin the other night,
and of course roasted carrots!
These were also included:

I just love beautiful summer flowers, don't you!!

What are you up to this summer?  Do tell!!!

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for popping in!

Peace to you and yours!


Connie Rose said...

What a beautiful shawl! Looks like you're having a spectacular summer. I used to drink a lot of chai, I brewed it up myself with spices. Loved it! xoxo

Jeannie said...

I love that shawl pattern! I am going to have to look through Sarah's patterns to see if there is a longer shawl for me to knit. Mag's outfit is adorable!!! I love the fabric. She will look so cute in it. I love Oregon Chai tea. It was all the rage here about 8 years ago and then we got Starbucks and people moved to buying drinks (it is less than a mile away). I still have the chai when I want a sweet drink. I wonder how it is iced? I am trying to organize projects that won't require me to be outside or to move. It has been in the upper 90's - low 100's. Starting tomorrow, we are looking a 104-8 for who knows how long. We haven't had a summer like this in a long time. Time to get out the washtub and see if I still fit in it. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.

Carol said...

Not sure about the knitting being easy but it certainly is beautiful! I'm in awe of your knitting skills, Judy, and this one is a winner. Love the socks and the outfit for Mags. So sweet! So nice to see your summer veggies, of course it's a bit different here being winter. We are all feeling cold but I know you northern hemisphere folk would laugh at us. We really are wimps when the temps drop a little. I've finally posted again, I'm so slack, and my constant plan is to do better... Hugs xxx

Martha said...

Such a lovely picture of your shawl. Almost like a nautilus shell. Perfect spiral! And beautiful work, Judy. And the darling granddaughter's ensemble - so cute and so beautifully constructed! I'm on vacation so only creating textiles vicariously.