Thursday, August 14, 2014

Knitting/Sewing up Loose Ends

I've finished knitting two shawls over the past week!
neither is blocked yet!
Above is Jennifer Lassonde's Tan House Brook Shawl,
knit from one of Schoppel's Crazy Zauberballs.
Here's another shot of it, styled a bit differently

I also finished my Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl,
designed by Paula Emons-Fuessle.
It's knit from leftover yarns in my stash, plus one black skein of 
Plymouth Yarn Sakkie.

So, having finished two shawls, I've cast-on another!
This is the beautiful Banana Leaf Shawl, designed by Yuki Ueda.

I'm knitting this with Quince&co. piper,
which is 50% superfine Texas merino & 50% Texas mohair.
It is the softest most wonderful yarn I've ever held in my hands!
I can just imagine how glorious it will feel around my neck and shoulders!

I got out in the studio the other day and did a bit of thread dyeing for my next art quilt.
It was great to play with the dyes again!
I'll have pics to share soon!

And I'm playing around with a new outfit for Maggie.
Here Mama chose the dress design,
and I picked out the fabric.
Here is the little diaper cover:

Hopefully I'll have a dress photo to show in a few days!
Speaking of diaper covers, Maggie (now 20 months)
told her Mama that she needed her diaper changed the other evening.
She pointed down at her diaper and then over at 
her changing table.
Her Mama giggled, because this was a first 
(sometimes she will say she needs to go potty,
and sometimes she will go and sometimes she won't).
Maggie looked very sad when her Mama giggled,
so she held her hand out like a policeman and said 
"Stop, Mama, stop!"
Never a dull moment with Maggie & Charlie!

We're closing in on another weekend - where do the days go?

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace to you and yours!


laurie said...

These shawls are darling

Jeannie said...

The shawls are cuddle worthy! I must get busy! Before we know it, I'll be complaining about the cold instead of the heat. LOL! Love the fabric for Maggie's new outfit. She is so funny. Hard to believe that she is almost 2! Time is moving way too fast. xoxo

Lee Clark said...

OMG the shaws are gorgeous. I love them!

Lee Clark said...

OMG I love the shawls. The are awesome. This is Lee - you probably wont recognize my email address as I usually use the yahoo one. LOL

Ginny Huber said...

Shawls look lovely and cozy and the diaper cover and anecdotes-delightful!

Maggi said...

The shawls are just so beautiful. Don't you just love the things that the young ones come out with.

Carol said...

Hard to believe Maggie is nearly two! I'll bet she's quite a character. Your shawls are lovely - of course; everything you make is beautiful!