Monday, April 06, 2015

It's That Time again.....

This beautiful Wisteria caught my eye as we walked Bosco
in Midtown on Saturday morning.
Wisteria will now forever remind me of Cas Holmes 
and her visit here - smile.
Has it really been a year?

I've been keeping busy with a lot of knitting.
has me captivated.
I've completed both sleeves now,
and thought that venturing onto the back would be a piece of cake....
not so!
It takes every single bit of concentration that my weee brain has to offer....
and I still manage to mess up 
and leave a 'trademark error' behind.
Now that Easter has passed, I'm knitting bunnies
for Maggie and Charlie.

.....go figure!

I ordered this gorgeous skein from Purl Soho last week

My intent is to knit their Traveling Cable Hand Warmers.
Aren't they delicious?
The yarn is even better:
to feel it is to love it!

And then along came a nice little email from Quince & Co
chatting about their new Spring Kestrel colors.
I had to order the color card and the new colors

I love knitting with their linen yarns,
so I'm sure I'll be placing an order soon.

I've got just a week left until the ABTS 12 x 12" reveal
of shapes.
I spent a wonderful couple of hours
monoprinting on my Gelli Print Plate.
If you saw my last post
you know that I'm focusing on my beloved Rio Star Grapefruit.
Here are a few images
captured during my printing session

I'm looking forward to a play day tomorrow:
hopefully something magical will occur.

Well, that's it for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace to you and yours.


Merrilee Tieche said...

Crazy love those grapefruit! I can almost taste them!

Jeannie said...

Wisteria already?!! That is sure beautiful. At first I thought you were showing sweet peas. I love that yarn and it will be perfect for gloves. I made a cowl out of it and it is so buttery soft. Have a fun play day!

Martha said...

The minute I saw the first picture, I thought - Cas Holmes! I too will always associate that lovely bloom with our fun time with Cas. The bunny is darling!

Carol said...

Oh, how I love wisteria! I need to do some pruning on mine because it really is trying to take over the garden. I'm torn, not wanting to cramp its style, but also knowing what a monster it can be in our climate. Your knitting fills me with admiration, as usual. The grapefruit prints are great and the colour is stunning...