Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rainy Days & Sundays.....

It seems that I can barely recall a day when it hasn't been raining!
I'm not complaining, mind you.
We purchased a new rain gauge a few weeks ago.
It is larger than it's predecessor.
Wise decision on C's part.

I love walking in the rain.
It's a good thing -
it's a good thing I love it,
and walking in the rain is a good thing, as well.
It seems to cleanse my spirit.

Above is our neighbor's Forest Pansy Red Bud,
just leafing out.
Both their grass and their Red Bud
appear to enjoy the precipitation.

We visited with Charlie and Mags on their Mommy's birthday.
They were eager to wash my car -
and I was more than ready to accept their offer.

They did a rather nice job on the left front bumper, 
but became more distracted as they proceeded around the vehicle.
Poor Mags had only a 2" paint brush to use,
so she had a slight disadvantage,
but she persevered.

I brought them these knitted bunnies

The pattern came from the Woolful Podcast April Knit Along.
It was a fun pattern,
and the kids liked them.

(If you haven't listened to the Woolful podcast,
you really should.  
So much information there!)

I finished my Yowza Weight-It Shawl

a few weeks back,
and have been wearing it more and more.
It feels great to throw over my shoulders
 on damp and showery days.
If you are interested,
this shawl was designed by Susan B. Anderson
and uses one skein of Miss Babs' Yowza yarn.
It comes in many different and beautiful colorways
and is a fun knit.
Even the picot bind-off was fun.

I continue to knit along on my Fisherman's Daughter sweater.

The pattern was designed by Carol Sunday,
and I am using her yarn,
which is lovely!
I have mastered knitting the honeycomb (center) portion
2-over-2 cables without the aid of a cable needle.
Although still a challenge to me, I love the process.

When I finished my Yowza Weigh-It Shawl,
I wanted some bright sock yarn for more 
'social knitting' afterthought heel socks.
Lisa Souza did not disappoint

The yarns are lovely and I have a difficult time putting these socks down.
The colors brighten up even the soggiest of days.

I've been sewing skirts!!
We had one week when the temps were quite high,
and it suddenly occurred to me that skirts
might be more comfy than confining slacks.
I was right!!
and have used that pattern as a guide.
I like the darts and I like the invisible zipper.
I do not like the below the waist 'waistline',
so I found this free pattern
from Tessuti fabrics.
It works well,
if you like a skirt that sits right smack dab at your waistline.
Sorry I don't have any skirt photos at this time.
Maybe next week?
I've enjoyed scoring and sewing on some nice 
Hoffman Batiks - on sale-
from Hancocks of Paducah.

It's about time to begin a baby quilt
(and sweater?)
for our newest grandchild,
who will be making his/her debut in early August.
I have the fabric and can't wait to get started.
I've also been perusing sweater patterns.
Ysolda has some nice ones that are calling my name.

Thanks for stopping by.
Wherever you are, and whenever you read this, 
I hope your day is sunny and bright - no matter the weather.
Peace to you and yours.


Maggi said...

What a wonderful post. Your sock yarn has reminded me that I really do need to master the art of sock making. Thanks too for the link to the podcast. I needed to something to replace Knit FM.

I think Maggie was really hard done by only being given a paintbrush for car washing :)

Love the shawl and the sweater. I'd never heard of doing cable without a cable needle.

Jeannie said...

Congratulations! How exciting to hear that a new babe will be in the family. Love the knitting and the yarns are gorgeous! My Forest Pansy is sending out it's itty, bitty leaves. They are so cute when they are minature. Poor Mags, she did have a challenge. I can't get over how quickly they have grown. Have a wonderful week!(Trying a new browser to see if I can post comments.)

Carol said...

Always a joy to find your post, Judy, especially as we are having a dreadful weather situation just now. The rainy days are really getting me down but only because we haven't had power for four days and I'm over the candles, torches and cold water. We lost trees, one fell right across the road but thankfully no one was passing at that moment. Even the school is closed so the kids are getting a full extra week of holidays. So, I love seeing your lovely knitting, and your yarn, and the plants, but most of all the grand cherubs. xxx