Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 7 of 200 Days (of Dyeing & Doing)

First I'll show my silk Furoshiki.
I love it so much.

......and here's today's block for Maggie's quilt

I'm not the greatest piecer in the world, but you know,
I think she will not notice and love it for far more important reasons!

thanks for stopping by.......
and peace to you and yours!


Meg Fowler said...

Laughing this morning! At myself! Do you remember Georgia Bonesteel's book on lap quilting ... long ago? When my daughter was little, she wanted a quilt. I'd never made one before. Got the book and religiously made about 60 blocks. Log cabin because it looked easy. Hand quilted every one of them. When I went to sew them all together for the quilt, NONE of them were the same size!!! Those blocks are still sitting in a box somewhere!!! She's 48 now and never got a quilt!!!

Maggi said...

How could she not love it!