Friday, August 07, 2015

Day 16: It's a BOY!

Heeeeeere's Henry: 

Our third grandchild arrived bright and early at 1:40 AM,
weighing 9lbs 15 oz and measuring 21".
He's a big boy!
I think his big brother and sister approve:

as do his parents:

In eager anticipation of our grandchild's arrival,
I pieced an extra block yesterday:

please tell me that's not cheating!

......and here is Day 16's ice-dyed Furoshiki:

(I think I told you that I was going to try something different, and I did:
I used Dharma's Better Black - and got the lovely violet color.
The other dye is also from Dharma: Aquamarine.
Both dyes are at least 9 years old.....and this is on silk)

thanks for stopping by!

peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

Doing the happy dance for all of you! Love the expression on Mag's face. Talk about delighted. Rest up and enjoy!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Congrats on the kid - one of my brother's was pretty big at birth (have forgotten the number) and then his first boy was even bigger! Under the circumstances, we forgive you the block cheat. Love the dye job on the silk. Interesting about the black dye. I remember doing gradation using different black dyes and didn't expect the shading to green or blue. Now you make me want to try this!

Beverly said...

Congrats to you and Grandpa, Judy! I hope mom is doing well also, that is definitely a big baby!