Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 24....and nobody got hurt!

Today was a play day for me.
I got all of my 'chores' done early, and then had several hours to do whatever I wanted.
Most days aren't like that around here.
Above is the fat quarter of cotton that I dyed for Maggie's quilt.
Here's a detail shot

I'm really pleased with the results....
and it was so easy.

Here's what you need:

marbles, a castrating tool, and the special rubber bands that go with it.
You affix a rubber band to the ends of the tool,
wrap a piece of fabric around a marble,
slide the rubber band and tool over the marble,
and slide the rubber band off.

They look like little Halloween ghosts.

all finished and ready for the dye bath:

........and here is my butterfly block for today:

hope you are having a fabulous weekend

......thanks for stopping by

peace to you and yours


Carol said...

Great result! Loved seeing your process, too! Beautiful butterfly block, they are going to make a stunning quilt.

Lora Martin said...

Oh, Judy! Love the results you got here. I imagine the castrating tool would work with pebbles, too. Where in the heck do you get one?

The Idaho Beauty said...

Good thing I wasn't drinking something when I hit "castrating tool" - lol! Gotta say, that's a much better idea than the way I've done it. I've not wrapped a marble inside but used the eraser end of a pencil to gather the fabric around, then wound the rubber band about half an inch or so from the end of the pencil, then pulled the pencil out. That gives a real "amoeba" effect. Can't believe how much these look like flowers.

Meg Fowler said...

Hummmmmm. Looks like there's gonna be a run on castrating tools at the local farm store! Sure makes putting all those rubber bands on a lot easier than doing it by hand! BTW, all your fabrics are beautiful, but yesterday's piece was over the moon!!!

Connie Rose said...

Castrating tool, OMG! How many of us have those lying around the house?! I've done this the "normal" way, and I loved the result. xo