Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 36

I've been playing around with overdyeing fat quarters again.
This is Pro Chem's Sun Yellow and Dharma's Plum Blossom.
I find it interesting how the blue dye seems to have congregated in lines.

my block for today:

On my most recent kayak paddles on our lake, I've noticed a wonderful blossom,
and I have no clue as to what it might be.
I'm hoping one of you can help me with this:

It appears to be a vine, but that is all I know.  
It grows wild all along the shore of the lake.

I'll close with one last picture:

We took our two oldest grand cherubs (ages 4-1/2 & 2-1/2)
to a minor league baseball game this afternoon.
We had such a great time!!
It had rained a lot earlier in the day and it was very cool for late August.
It was such a treat to spend several hours with Charlie and Maggie.

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peace to you and yours

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Meg Fowler said...

First I thought your plant was kudzu! Yikes! But, surely you would never mistake that, living in Georgia and all! Check out Groundnut (Apios americana). This vine grows in moist, wooded bottomlands in the summer. Might be what you're looking for.

Judy said...

Meg Fowler, you are correct! Groundnut it is! I'd never heard of it before, so I am really pleased to learn about it. I should hop out of my kayak and dig up the tubers, as it sounds like they are quite tastey. They are growing all around the lake. And yes, at first I thought it was kudzu too, but you know those kudzu blossoms have a very distinct odor, and I don't detect that with the groundnuts. Thank you so much!!

Carol said...

Groundnuts! As in 'peanuts'? Lovely photo of you and the grand cherubs, as was the one with Craig. So nice to have that time with them and you are forging memories they will always have. xxx