Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 54

I'm not a huge violet fan - on me anyway - 
but I wanted to see how
the Dark Black Cherry would play with the 
New England Green....and look: 
they did well together!

here's what I sewed today:

for some reason I couldn't get the panorama
to work on my phone camera this morning,
so I've cut the row in two

someone asked how my Lilli Pilli is coming along:

I layed her out on the dining room table last evening
and measured.  I'm just over halfway done.
I should have stretched out the lace portion a little
so you could see the lovely pattern.  
I have about 70 more stripes to knit,
and then another 40 rows of lace.

Is anyone getting duplicate notifications of my 
blog postings?  Meg told me that she is.
I apologize, although there really isn't anything
I can do about it.  Blogger/Google handles all of that.

thanks for stopping by

hope you have a great weekend



Jeannie said...

OOOH! I love this one! The black cherry is an interesting color and I like it. Your Lilli Pilli is so pretty. Hmm, it is getting close to TV watching and knitting season. :)

Carol said...

I do like the purple, green and blue together, Judy. The blocks are delightful and your LillyPilly is stunning!

Meg Fowler said...

Great colors here! I love this one! And I didn't get two of your posts yesterday ... I got three!!! So far, only one today .....

queenopearls said...

Oh Judy, the new dyed piece reminds me of a lazy tropical lagoon with all the blues and greens. Just relaxing! :)))
Go you with knitting. I always feel like I have special needs when I've tried to knit. My fingers just don't want to go that way. :)
~ Christina

Karen Amelia Brown said...

Day 54 is my first choice, then day 50. Your work is inspiring me to dye more fabric NOW.

Maggi said...

Seems to me that everything plays well together in your hands!