Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 78

There's one good thing about having a bad cold:
you really don't want to be out with other people
and spread your germs.
I thought seriously about just sitting and knitting...
or going back to bed,
but I decided that if I did a bit of sewing, I'd take my mind
off of feeling yucky....
and it worked!
I ended up sewing ALL of the rows together on Maggie's quilt!

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.
Now I will tackle the drops on each side and the foot
which promises to be heaps of fun.

I also overdyed the rayon cowl from yesterday.
I wanted it a little less pink.

well, it still looks pink in the pictures,
but it does show a bit more red

Speaking of red,
while Bosco and I were out for our morning walk,
we spied this

I'd never seen a red morning glory before, 
so I had to look it up.
And 'red morning-glory' is its official name.
Ipomoea coccinea (from coccineal, I assume).
My 'Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States' book
calls it occasional,
and says it is found from Florida into Arizona,
central western Illinois, southern Michigan, southern Pennsylvania,
and even southeastern Massachusetts,
where it resides in fields, thickets, roadsides and waste places.
This was in a natural area on our golf course.
It's very petite and lovely, don't you think?

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Carol said...

Maggie's quilt is just beautiful, Judy! What a lucky girl she is - maybe the boys need one, too. I'll take your word for it that the over dying has some red in it, it still looks great to me. And I've certainly never seen a red morning glory, how lovely! I hope you're feeling better today, my dear friend, nothing like finding something nice to take your mind of your cold. xxx