Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 84....a comparison

I decided to do a little comparison study,
since the ice dyeing of yesterday 
was a short session
(the ice & dye were only on the fabric for about 5 hours).
I applied ice and dye to the same size and type of fabric
(even though the top fabric appears smaller in the photo above)
last evening and let it batch almost 24 hours this time.
Yesterday's fabric is in the top of the photo,
and today's fabric (longer batch time)
is below it.
I applied a minimal (1/4 tsp) of 3 blue dye powders
in each case.  The longer batch time fabric is noticeably darker.
(there's also a huge difference in the lighting,
as you will notice that yesterday's fabric appeared 
rather grey - it was raining, while the sun was out
this afternoon)

yesterday's photo

I did do about 30 minutes worth of sewing this morning,
but you will have to take my word for it,
as it wasn't worth photographing.

I'm finally getting my mojo back.
This has been a killer cold, and I hope you don't get it.
It's nice to sleep through the night without coughing again.
Thanks for all of your well wishes.

thanks also for stopping by



Ginny Huber said...

am glad you are getting your mojo back! Nice blues and effects from the ice dyeing!

queenopearls said...

Wow, Judy, the longer batch time made a huge difference. :) Beautiful blues.
SO glad you are feeling better and better.

Carol said...

Wonderful colours, Judy! And I'm so pleased to see you're feeling a bit better. Take care please xxx