Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 86.......looking up

ice-dyed linen

When I look at this, I feel as if I'm underwater
looking up
towards the sun and sky.
It's refreshing.
I can feel the water on my face and in my eyes.
I love it.

The fabric used was another beautiful linen table napkin
which belonged to my late and much-loved
sister-in-law Molly.
I will use these napkins often,
and always think of her,
with a smile.
(thanks, Marcia, for sharing these with me)

only two strips sewn today

I went to the gym this morning,
enjoyed lunch out with my gym buddies,
planted some species tulips,
and did a bit of dyeing and sewing.
That makes for a full day.

thanks for stopping by

**have a safe and fun-filled Halloween**



Carol said...

Beautiful, Judy, as always. You're going to have a magnificent set of napkins! Your strips raise my spirits. Halloween isn't so big here but the grand cherubs will go trick or treating with their dad. Happy Halloween to you and yours xxx.

Anonymous said...

Love the napkin and color strips. I hear you're taking you 2 older grandchildren trick or treating. I hope it goes well! xxoo sil