Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 101

actually, this all happened two days ago,
but I've been busy since I took these pics

I made a bit of progress with the strip piecing 
on Wednesday morning.

I also dyed these two skeins of embroidery floss

I will be embroidering Maggie's family tree,
back to her great grandparents,
on the back of the quilt,
so I needed floss to match some of the fabrics
on the quilt front, right?
It's been quite fun planning out this part of the quilt:

I'm going to get it all written out on the backing fabric
today, and then start embroidering for real.

thanks for stopping by

have a great weekend



Jeannie said...

What a wonderful idea! Maggie is going to treasure this quilt her whole life. Have a beautiful weekend!

Connie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt when you get it done. It sounds like a treasure and your work is always so special :)
Happy Weekend!
Connie :)

queenopearls said...

I agree with Jeannie! This is an amazing idea and project. Your artistry will be appreciated and loved!!! ~ Christina

Carol said...

What an amazing treasure this quilt will be! Maggie will love it forever!💞💞💞

Maggi said...

What a wonderful finishing touch for the quilt. Maggie is going treasure this.