Monday, November 02, 2015

Day 87

This piece was ice-dyed using some fairly old
Pro Chem dyes, given to me by my good friend, Roberta.
I wanted to test them out first before I did something more important with them.
They seem to be holding up well.

I added more strips onto Maggie's quilt side/drop this afternoon.
It is slow going, due mainly to lack of time.
Life surely does happen.

We've had a lot of rain over the past two days.
I emptied 1" from our rain gauge yesterday afternoon,
and another 3.25" this afternoon.
We watched as our boat dock tried to run away.
Thankfully the rain stopped before
things got out of hand.

As you can see, our Adirondack chairs
(on the left) are now on the shoreline.
They used to be fairly far up on our lawn,
but the lake has advanced.
Here's a photo from last Spring,
showing the chairs and a normal lake level:

this afternoon.

It is now blocking and will be ready for her to wear soon.

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Rayna said...

Been following your ice dyeing. I tried it once and it was awful. Glad you're having such success with it! And I love the sweater.

Carol said...

Raining here too, Judy, and I think we've had enough now. I like that ice dyed piece, waiting impatiently to see the quilt, and I'm so impressed with Maggie's cardigan. You clever girl, you!

Maggi said...

More beautiful dye colours and Maggi's cardigan is gorgeous. Has the level of the lake risen on a permanent basis or is it just at this time of the year?