Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 99....Starts & Finishes

this is part of 'my' collection of MOP buttons,
generously given to me by my friend Jeannie
I was looking for two cuties to put on
a baby sweater, but you know what?
I decided that nobody would appreciate them as much as I do,
so back in the jar they went
call me selfish, but I treasure these babies!
don't you love the Scrabble tiles Jeannie included?

I put the finishing touches on the Tiny Tea Leaves cardi
for Maggie this afternoon
it had been blocked and the loose ends woven in,
so all it required was the two buttons and a photograph

here's one of the adorable wooden yellow jacket buttons

if you're a Georgia Tech fan,
you will appreciate the added touch!

my very last Damask dinner napkin

I've begun the second side drop on Maggie's quilt

not much longer now!

and a bit of Fall wonder 

thanks for stopping by



Carol said...

I have a big Cole Fion of MOP too, Judy. Love them. The cardigan is so sweet, and the buttons are so cute.

Jeannie said...

That little bee button is so sweet. I am so glad you still enjoy your MOP buttons. Carl laughs when I say I need to run out to buy buttons. The little cardi is so pretty and I love that blue. The magic that dyes does to damask is wonderful. I love how the patterns emerge and finally get their due. Have a wonderful week!

Maggi said...

Love the buttons that you did use and I can definitely understand why you would want to keep your MOP buttons