Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 117: WooHoo!

Maggie's quilt returned 'home' last evening,
and I've begun the last leg of its journey:
hand stitching the binding in place.
It is a labor of love.
I hope that someday she will understand
that each speck of dye,
every cut of fabric,
and the many, many stitches were all made
with love for her from me.
The long arm quilter did a fabulous job.
I am so pleased.

Below are the silk black tints
in silk charmeuse
that I dyed earlier this week.
It's been so cold that I would dye them in my dye studio,
bring them into the house to batch in the afternoon sun,
then return them to the dye studio for the washout.

What would easily be a 24 hour process in summer
turned into a 3 day slog in January.
Note to self: do this business when it's warm!

more silk charmeuse:

and more:

my heart sings during the entire process....
even walking them in and out
 from dye studio to house and back again....
in this frigid weather!

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queenopearls said...

Oh Judy, the fabrics are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the quilt. It definitely is art with love. :) I am enjoying you sharing all your processes. Sending you warmth and hugs. ~ Christina

Connie Rose said...

Your silks are to-dye-for! Way to go! xoxo

Karen Amelia Brown said...

Those silks are so gorgeous. They make me think more about what I want to put in a future project of a quilt for my bed.

Carol said...

Your quilt is amazing, and as for the colours of your silks, I'm in awe.

Maggi said...

The fabrics are just gorgeous.

Maggie will know that the quilt is made with love and her appreciation of it will grow even more over the years.