Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 120

I've spent a delightful fiber-filled day!
Above are two 19mm silk charmeuse scarves
languishing in their dye bath.
I cannot wait to rinse them and see my results!

Here are a couple more 19 mm silk charmeuse scarves 
that I dyed earlier this week.
This first one is actually a much deeper turquoise,
in various shades.

This second one is also much more vibrant,
in tints of an orangey salmon.

I'm slowly but surely slogging along in my weaving class.
Here is my first attempt at twill:

As you can see, I have several threading errors
that showed up once the weft thread was added.
Also, my selvedge isn't very even,
but this is my first attempt,
so not too bad!
Below is my first attempt at basketweave:

I realized after my first few passes that I was too tight,
so I loosened up....then I was too loose.
Somewhere up near the top, I was 'just right'!
So, this is my Goldilocks weave.

This morning I finished knitting my Elixir Shawl,
which is part of the M Club,
a group formed by Laura Nelkin,
the shawl designer.

Not sure if you can see all of the hundreds of beads
that I've knit into this piece.
It was my first attempt at beading,
and I'm now quite addicted.
I found the shawl a bit challenging at first,
but as I kept at it, it became addictive,
and a pleasure to knit.
There will be three more M Club projects in 2016,
and I'm eagerly anticipating them.
They are all surprises, all designed by Laura Nelkin,
and, if they are like Elixir,
 all a great deal of fun!

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Anonymous said...

What a busy and productive week. Congratulations on finishing the beaded shawl!!

Maggi said...

I love the scarf colours. Beautiful shawl too. Does the inclusion of the beads make it very heavy to wear, or even when you are knitting it it up?

Maggi said...

Your weaving is doing just what it should do, helping you to improve your techniques and to understand the differences a tiny tweak can make. I bet your knitting wasn't perfect when you started out.

Carol said...

Beautiful colours, Judy, those scarves are stunning. The weaving looks good to me so I just have to trust you when you say it isn't perfect. I'd love to see the shawl close up, it must be gorgeous with all the beads.