Sunday, February 05, 2006

Busy Days

I have been busy batiking scarves for the Quinlan Visual Arts Center Gift Shop ( Batik is new to me but I am really enjoying the process and the wonderful colors and images that are being produced. I am using soy wax pellets rather than the traditional beeswax and for me!

Here is a pretty fish sarong that I have batiked for my daughter Kristin. I hope that she and Dave get to spend a lot of free time at the beach this year with their friends. They met at the beach, you know, so it is a special getaway for them.

This is the last one for today: pink on pink!

Actually, the leaves are a lighter shade than the main body of the scarf, but you will have to use your imagination since my camera chose to read the shades in reverse.

Now off to Super Bowl the way, who is playing this year?


Robyn said...

Your scarves are really beautiful! I've been looking for a new craft to try, and this sounds really interesting. Do you have any suggestions on how to start?

Judy said...

Thanks Robyn!
I really do enjoy what I do. The best way I can suggest that you get started is to go to Dharma Trading Co. (I think their address is and get a beginner dyeing kit. I have taken lots of lessons over the years and have finally ended up where I am....but I wish I had started when I was a lot younger! It is a fun and creative hobby.
Good luck...and if I can be of any help, please let me know.

Rayna said...

Judy darlin' - I am SO glad you have hour blog up and running and I love looking at your silks but honestly, the blue type on black ground is almost impossible to read. Can you either change the background to something lighter or make the type bigger and lighter?? Pretty please????

Judy said...

Yeah....I agreed with you about the I've done the next one in you like it better? I do!!