Friday, February 10, 2006

Time Warp

I am taking you back to October 9th, maternal grandparents' wedding day. Here they are: Augusta Bendikta Anderson and Herman Peterson. Now when my Swedish cousins read this, they are going to get a great laugh at how I have probably misspelled Augusta's middle name! I would like to thank my Swedish cousin Eva for sending me a wonderful cd with so many old family photos on it. Augusta left Sweden (and her entire family) when she was just 16 and came to America all by herself. She was quite something, my grandmother! She met and fell in love with Herman and they married in 1909. Aren't they the most handsome couple?!!!

Here is a photo that Eva sent me of my mother, Ruth, and her older brother, Eldon, whom we all knew as "Pete"! Aren't they adorable? Mom was born in 1917 and Eldon was born in 1910. Unfortunately Uncle Pete passed away in 1960, but my Mom, bless her heart, will celebrate her 89th birthday in May.

Here is another photo of my Mom...I just love this one and have it framed in my bedroom.

This is my Mom's high school
graduation photo. Amazingly enough, she looks a great deal like our daughter Kristin.

I really want to thank Eva for sending me these (and many more) photos of my family. When my grandparents passed away, my mother was in charge of cleaning out their home and since she was not the sentimental type (and she was working full time and caring for a husband and two children) she threw almost everything away! YIKES!!!

Cousin Eva and I are working hard to find one lost branch of the family that emigrated to the states shortly after my grandmother.

My dream is for Rayna Gillman to teach me how to print these photos on fabric when I take her class at John C. Campbell Folk School next October...and then I will incorporate them into a quilt. Are you listening Rayna????

Speaking of quilts...I'd better quit this and go get working on my Radiant Suns before it is time for bed!!


Maria said...

Hej Judy!
Yay- it worked! Now we can all comment on your inputs =)
That's so nice that you put up all those great old photos here. There's something special about black and white photos =)

Judy said...

Hej back to you in Sweden Maria!
I'm so glad I was able to fix those settings! (Thanks for the suggestion...teehee)
Aren't the photos great! Your Mom was so sweet to take the time to put them all on a cd for me.
Take care,

silkart said...

I really love the old pictures. I am an avid scrapbooker and one of my favoarite things to do is work on old heritage albums. The sepia tones are so beautiful. Saving a piece of our heritage is so important. I am glad to see you have such lovely pictures.

Your "cousin" Eva said...

Hej Judy!
Got your latest email and thought that I had to try to comment your inputs. I just love to see you all and hear about everything you are doing "over there".
I got very surprised when I saw all the old photos. It gave me a flashback of when you, Craig and your Mom were visitng us. (At the moment I don't remember what year that was). You're right about your grandmother's middle name, but I'm not laughing. You just forgot an e, Benedikta.
Judy, you already have thanked me for the pictures. Your welcome, and it was a pleasure to be able to give them to you :-):-)

I hope I'm doing everything right so you will get this comment. Unfortunately I'm not that good in English as Maria is, she's a naturel talent. I don't understand all of the instructions and words on pages like these =( So I have to look up the words in my dictionary so, if I'm lucky, I will understand better what and how to do ;-)

Rayna said...

I'm listening, Judy. We'll see what we can do. Old photos - my favorites! What a good looking family.

My mom will be 89 in June.