Saturday, February 25, 2006

REM in the Rain

It's another rainy day in Georgia, but I love these days. Actually, most any day is good, don't you think?

Here is the view from my sewing machine, at which my butt has been plunked for most of the afternoon...doing a bit of quilting. I'll show you the piece when I'm finished.
So, I'm listening to REM, but mainly them because the cd from my favorite Georgia band, Skybucket, is in Atlanta at the condo. I need to remember to bring that home!!! Or better yet, get a second cd!!!

Yesterday at our Silk Artists meeting in Atlanta, we got around to discussing discharge paste. Martha had a ton of it, so she shared it with those of us who were interested in trying it Here it is on a piece of Habotai. Isn't it neat? All you do is brush it on, let it dry, iron it with a lot of steam, and then wash it. I have a few ideas for that stuff!

Today Craig has kept busy smoking chickens on the smoker that I gave him for Valentine's Day. They smell so good that I can hardly stand it!! YUMMMM

Hope you are having a wonderful day, doing things that give you pleasure with those who do the same!

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