Monday, February 20, 2006

Up and At 'Em!

OK, I'm back!!! A week of sadness and broken heartedness is all I can endure! While the sadness still lingers, it is time for me to get on with life and get creative.
While on our morning walk, Barker and I encountered many squirrels. He was just beside himself because I wouldn't let him chase them! My mind was off in lalaland, thinking about quilts that needed creating and silks that were begging to be painted. is a brand new day and I will be off to the studio to get going!!

Here is "March of the Henguins", a silk painting that I donated to an auction benefiting the endowment fund of Gainesville State College. It was purchased by Rhea Metcalf ( a local artist who also has a condo in Atlanta, just a few blocks from ours! I was thrilled that she bid on it and got it! Hopefully I will get to see it in its new home soon.

OK, off to conquer the studio!!


Rayna said...

Hugs, Judy. Glad to hear you are getting your spirit back.

Cousin Eva said...

So sorry to hear about your great nephew Bryan. You are all in our thoughts. What a tragedy for his parents.
I have also had a time of sadness. My father got a heart attack two weeks ago and fell very bad. He got three broken ribbs, one punctured lung and lots of bruises. Since that fall he has been in hospital, and this afternoon he past away at 3.30.
He was 81 years old.
(I haven't been able to comment your blog or send you any e-mails because my computer was at the repairshop. It just wouldn't start the other day).