Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday Tuesday

I'm beginning to think that perhaps Tuesdays aren't my best. Last Tuesday I learned of baby Bryan's death, and today we had the sad news that my Swedish cousin Eva's father, Lennart had passed away. My heart is heavy for my family...once again so very far away.
Our rain has finally gone, but the weather people are forecasting it to return again tomorrow. UGH! After getting all of my chores in town completed today, I had about an hour to work on the placemats and napkins that I am dyeing for our friends John and Troy. They gave me carte blanche on this projects, so I am having fun, fun, fun! I'll show you some pics in a few days, but for now it is a big surprise to everyone except moi!
Received a belated (or is it very early?) Valentine from my friend Diane, with a print of one of Rayna Gillman's pieces, "Cacophany". Thanks Diane. Lovely piece, Rayna!
Tonight Craig and I went to see the Gainesville Theater Alliance's performance of "The Front Page News" right in downtown Gainesville at the new Hosch Theater. We met our friends Bob and Sheila Johnson there and thoroughly enjoyed the show. GTA is a combination effort of the theater students at Gainesville State College and Brenau University, both here in town. They do a wonderful job and we have enjoyed being subscribers for many years now.
Tomorrow I am having lunch with my friend Molly at 2 Dog. WooHoo!!!!
Night all!

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Eva said...

Hi Judy!
I just woke up to a new day and feel that I'm quite calm and relieved.
The sun is shining,it hasn't done that for weeks.
You succeeded to put your photo on your blog!!!
Nice to SEE you ;-)