Friday, March 24, 2006

Here Chick, Chick

I spent the morning completing my "Cock O' The Block" wallhanging. He looks a bit catty-wompus, but I think you can get the drift! It was fun to do, and I learned a lot through trial and error. I did the binding and hanging sleeve a la Robbi Joy Eklow, which was a new and liberating experience! The binding technique was certainly a change for little ole anal me, but I AM loosening up and I liked the speed of it a lot!
Here is another view, where you can see the binding a bit better. HOnestly, the quilt sides ARE straight...guess the photographer was a bit tipsy at the time!! LOL


Martha said...

YOur piece is beautiful. I hope you bring it to the Silk Painting group so I can see it in person

Judy said...

Thanks honey. I will. I think he is going to live in the condo anyway!