Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggety jog!

We had an incredibly fabulous mini vacation in Mexico. I cannot believe it is already over! I'll share a few photos with you before I flop into bed. I think the thing I was most impressed with was the art of the Huichol Indians. Craig and I bought a few small pieces of Huichol art, but Craig's sister and brother-in-law purchased the most incredible piece, and here it is:

This is a rather large piece, and is done all in very narrow pieces of dyed thread/yarn that is glued down to a surface of beeswax. The symbolism is great and I plan to go into detail about it in the futue. For now, I'll tell you that the deer in the center is very symbolic, as well as the peyote blossoms seen at the bottom and top centers. Also the hawks at the right and left top are very representative of Huichol art, along with the serpents just below the hawks and those at the very bottom of the piece. The colors are very vibrant...this photo doesn't do it justice.

Here is a close up of the blooming flowers. I just love the high contrast of the leaves and the background, not to mention the shading in the leaves.

Our journey began at the Atlanta Midtown Marta Station:

I was thrilled last Friday morning when we reached our gate at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and found the display of eight of the Olympic Art Quilts, plus a wonderful explanation by Martha Connell. I was really glad that we arrived early so that I had time to admire the incredible quilts. Here you can see just a bit:

Here is the explanation of the exhibit with the exerpt from Martha Connell:

That's it for tonight! Many thanks to Carol and Jacinto for a wonderful mini vacation!

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