Thursday, March 16, 2006


I don't know how to say "next Tuesday/Wednesday" in Spanish, so I'll just break down right here and now and tell you that we are off to Mexico for a few days! Craig's sister, Carol, and her charming husband Jacinto live in Monterrey (is it 2 r's or one...I get mixed up with the Monterey in California...but I'm betting that the one where we'll be tomorrow has two r's!) and we will be going there to visit them. They are taking us away to visit and stay in an old mining town called Zacatecas....and I can hardly wait to see them, their new home, and the town of Zacatecas! I have cleaned up my trusty smart card, so there'll be lots of room for new photos...and I will share them with YOU!!!So, "Hasta Tuesday or Wednesday"!!!

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