Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Well, this is the third Tuesday out of four that I've heard that a family member or close friend has passed away. WOW! I've had enough. Last week it was my eighty year old aunt, two weeks before that was my 10-month-old great nephew, and today it was one of my neighbors and friends, Kathy. She was just 51 and succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver. Horrible. Just horrible. I went to the visitation this afternoon...she has a lovely young daughter and a bright young son, both off at college. So much to live for, but the lure of alcohol was just too much for her. So, I came home and did an hour of yoga and then got busy on this:

I have a good bit more of embellishing to do, but I am coming right along! You may recall the quilted background from an earlier post....I told you I'd get back to it sooner or later!

Where and what would you add? I think her beak needs some tweeking, don't you? Also her comb...that will get some added "feathers" tomorrow when I go shopping.

Now back to the sewing machine.

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Martha said...

Your work is so great. I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Just make sure you take precautions against bird flu :-)