Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Date Day

Today wasn't at all like I had planned it to be. My darling daughter Kristin called this morning and said she would be in town on business and could we meet for lunch. Well, naturally I changed my previous plans and we had a terrific lunch outside at one of my favorite haunts, 2 Dog, on the square in Gainesville! YUMMMMM Afterwards, I took myself on a much needed "date" to view the R.A. Miller folk art exhibit at the Simmons Gallery at Brenau University, which happens to be just a few blocks off of the square...convenient, huh? It was a great exhibit, and I'm hoping to return tomorrow with my camera. Mr. Miller was a Gainesville native and passed away only last week, at around 92 years young. He was quite a character and an amazing folk artist, known for his devils, angels, "blow Osker", and whirlygigs! I remember when we first moved to Gainesville and went driving out through Rabbitown, his neighborhood. We came around one curve in the road, and there before us was a hillside just covered in whirlygigs. They made my heart sing. Well, that was my introduction to R. A. Miller! I regret that I never met Mr. Miller, but I sure am glad that I took the time this afternoon to view the exhibit of his art.

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