Sunday, April 23, 2006

Gone dotty

As promised, here are a few photos of the newest members of my Dot family:

I am planning to use these for a small wall hanging of Cara Gulati's Radiant Suns quilt. We'll see how this goes! I just am crazy about all of the dotted fabrics out there right now!!!

Here's a few of what's blooming in my garden right now:

Lily of the Valley! When I was very young, I used to love to "garden" with my Swedish grandmother, Augusta Bendikta Anderson Peterson. (She was also a quilter!!) One of my fondest memories is of her loads and loads of Lily of the Valley. We were in Paris one year on May 1st (or was it April 1st?) when it is traditional for lovers to present their beloved with Muguet de Bois...darling Craig didn't skip a beat!!!

Baptisia, or False Indigo...what a gorgeous specimen!! I do hate it when a plant is given the common name beginning with "false"...makes it sound like such a pretender! Anyway, I love this beauty....especially because of the great contrast between the blue blossom and the lovely Spring green foliage!

Foxgloves!!! My stitching, gardening, quilting and all around good buddy Joan gave me about two dozen apricot floxgloves a number of years ago and this is one of the great great grans of those plants! My garden has many gift plants from lots of friends, which to me makes it very dear indeed. I let these guys reseed and pretty much leave them be...they seem happy enough. Why can't the world be that way????

My first rose of the summer! In another week or so this baby will be just covered with her gorgeous pink blossoms. I love her for her color and sweetness, but most especially because I got her on sale at Lowes for $1.99 about six years ago...and she is very happy here in my garden!!!


Diane said...

I've never met a dot I didn't like...I see your collection is beginning to look like mine!

Maria said...

dots are cool! =)