Saturday, April 22, 2006


Well, I am thrilled to say that my "Somethin' Fishy" sold for above and beyond my expectations at our church's J2A (Journey to Adulthood) youth auction....and the best part is that I have orders for TWO more! WooHoo!!! It was so much fun to make and I can hardly wait to get started on the new ones! One will be staying here in Gainesville and the other two are going to the beach: one to South Caroline and the other to Florida!

It has already been a waaay to much fun weekend, and it's only half over! I forgot the power cord for my laptop when we went to the condo yesterday, so I couldn't blog from there...ran the battery down answering emails and reading everyone else's blogs!!! The Atlanta Silk Artists' meeting was fabulous. We are a small group, but are growing at each meeting. I love all of the info that is shared and the enthusiasm!! I learn so much from my friends there! Afterwards Craig and I went up to Virginia Highlands to Intown, is that Virginia Highlands or maybe Decatur? Anyway, I bought scads more polka dots and will show you them is too late and I am too too tired! Then we stopped by a couple of bakeries for bread: sourdough at one and whole wheat at another. And oh, we bought the best "stinky cheese" to have with wine before dinner! YUMMMM! We walked Barker around the 'hood and met up with our friends John and Larry who own Luna, one of Barker's favorite Standard Poodle Playmates! It was a lovely evening.

This morning we walked around the hood again...this time in the rain showers. It was still nice, as it has gotten warm, but not yet too humid. Kristin came over at 9 AM with Marley, her and Dave's dog, and we did the MS Walk for a Cure in Piedmont Park. By then it was really raining, but we wore our baseball caps and enjoyed ourselves. A little water never hurt anyone and the dogs were having a great time together. By the time we finished, the sun was shining and the sky was a beautiful Spring blue!


Martha said...

Which bakeries do you like in Midtown and VH?

Congratulations on your sales and commissions.

Gerrie said...

That is fabu!! And two commissions. Hope we don't get burned out on fish quilts!!