Saturday, April 08, 2006

What Fun!

We have had a couple of really fun days in Atlanta. It all began on Thursday when we visited the Youngblood Gallery in East Atlanta. Every first Thursday evening of the month they host a craft sale where local artisans bring in their wares and sell them. I am telling you there are a lot of very talented young artists in that area! I wish I had some photos, but once again, I forgot to bring my camera. Duhhhh! We had dinner at La Casita....GREAT Mexican East Atlanta and were joined by none other than Kristin and Dave Curylo, our lovely and talented daughter and son-in-law.
Yesterday was the first day of the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park. It was a warm and sunny day, and we enjoyed being out with the crowds, checking out more than just local crafts. Last year we purchased several wonderful black and white photos and linocuts of Atlanta landmarks for our condo. This year I did a little early Christmas shopping (does anyone else do that???? My husband thinks I'm nuts, but if I find something totally appropriate for a person that I will be gifting in December, why not buy it now???), and just enjoyed checking out the wonderful crafts. There were several silk painters/dyers there, plus one gal who did rather mass-produced "art quilts". Here are a few photos:

Here are some of the awesome silk garments that were offered for purchase:

I hope you can get a good view of the wonderful skirt to the left. It was made with charmeuse, and was truly to die (dye?) for! This gal had so much to sell, and everyone was just going wild in her little booth. I hope she did well with her sales.

Here are some wonderful silk scarves:

So, we had a great time, and it was truly a fabulous Spring day in Atlanta. Then last night the thunderstorms and tornadoes struck! I slept right through the thunder and lightening, but both Craig and Barker were awakened. There were no tornadoes in Midtown but the poor folks to the west of the city got slammed. My heart goes out to them.

Today was the fabulous 2006 Midtown Tour of Homes http://www.midtowntour of The most wonderful part for me was that the house that I adore was on the tour!!! So for a mere $20, I got to go inside....and get this: Karen Tunnell who owns this home with her husband is a quilter AND a garden designer...I just knew I loved that home for some reason! If you go to the web site, you will find Karen and Wiliam Tunnell's home as #6 on the tour: 821 Penn Avenue. We walk by their lovely home every day when we are at the condo, and I think it is just the most wonderful house in the world! I met Karen this morning and told her that if she ever wants to sell, she needs to call me first!

We drove back home to Gainesville late this afternoon and then enjoyed a wonderful evening at the home of our good friends John Karluk and Troy Ertzberger. They are both fabulous cooks and just great fun to be with. Thanks guys, it was terrific!!!

So, that's it for today....I am toddling off to bed and will hopefully get some quilting, dyeing, gardening, churching, and Mom-visiting in tomorrow.

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Gerrie said...

FYI: Your link doesn't work cause you have some spaces, but I persisted. We have the same tastes of course. I wanted to walk right in to that house. Love the Arts & Crafts bungalows. We looked for one here, but nothing big enought to house my studio.