Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dyeing Day

Well, I did make it out to the studio for about two hours this afternoon and had a great time! Here you can see Barker the Dye Dog, doing what he does best, unless of course there is a squirrel around!

I am a great Rayna Gillman fan, and when she began expounding upon the virtues of the American Beauty Irons, I just had to find out for myself. I only have one, but I love her, and use her constantly!

Here's another view...I like to think of this as my artsy fartsy photo:

So my American Beauty baby is resting upon the "silk of the day", which is to say my project. Here it is a while later:

It had to cure for several hours, so I went inside, played with my fish quilt, did some yoga, and went to church for dinner and a Lenten program.

Here is the scarf, rinsed, ironed and ready to go:

Oh, and here's a mailbox photo, so you can see my pansies, tulips, blooming kale, etc.


Gerrie said...

That silk is gorgwous!! I must get my studio organized so that I can get to work on the silk for the commission!!

Caitlin said...

What glorious colours that silk is! Yum scrum!