Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What's on YOUR Design Wall?

Today has been an "interesting" weather day, at best. We have been under a severe thunderstorm warning for most of it, and if you live in Gainesville and hear the tornado warning sirens go off like I did this morning, you are very respectful indeed of what may be headed in your direction! Back in 1936 the downtown of Gainesville, GA was pretty much destroyed by a powerful tornado and hundreds were killed. We experienced another one eight years ago and about twenty more folks lost their lives. So I have been sticking close to home today and enjoying my sewing room. I've done a good bit of cleanup since finishing my "Somethin' Fishy" quilt for the J2A auction at church and now I am in the process of finishing up a WIP:

You may recognize this as Valori Wells' "Starburst" out of her Radiant New York Beauties book. I love those quilts and became quite addicted a few years ago. I started this one some time back and have worked on it sporadically, mainly at the condo, over the past year. It is now home to be pieced and quilted, and then will reside in Atlanta.

What is on your design wall?

If someone would be so kind as to share with me the fine secret of being able to do closeups and enlargements of photos on blogger, I would be most appreciative. I thought I had figured it out, but no!


Eva said...

Hi Judy!
It seems that you have succeded to enlarge your photo this time. I don't understand why they hasn't done that before. If you did what I told you to do, make the original photos bigger, they should have been enlarged before too. Perhaps Blogger are teasing you ;-)
Anyway, good luck in the future!

Judy said...

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!
I can't figure it out...and yes, you may be right...Blogger may be teasing me!!!

Gerrie said...

I use flickr. You can make 3 different sizes and have athumbnail that opens a larger photo, etc. It is free, too.

Beuatiful quilt.

Deb H said...

Well the quilt is stunning, even in pieces! It vibrates! WOW!

Felicity said...

Love this quilt! It's one of my favourite books too. The colours are zinging on this one!