Monday, April 17, 2006

On the Road Again

Felicity (Felicity's Philosophies and other Curiosities) posted a funny comment to my post yesterday regarding her uncle's standard poodle "Snooky". While we were on our way home from Atlanta this morning I thought I'd grab a couple of shots of my regal Barker. He loves to ride in the car, but I can't even begin to imagine what folks behind us think we have riding in our car....some big-haired lady, I suppose. He is a sight to see, but believe me, he is the sweetest natured doggie we've ever had! So here is "Barker Baby" on the road:

I wish that these photos were a bit brighter, but I hope you can see how gorgeous and regal he is. Looks are decieving though...he is a typical 3 year old boy....loves to chase squirrels and adores his Mama and Papa!

OK, I'm outta here for today.

Happy Birthday wishes to my Swedish cousin, Anna Hagbjarn!!


Eva said...

If I didn't know that he's a dog, I probably would have said and thought that he was a real person. He looks so majestic and cool ;-)

Felicity said...

He is gorgeous!! Looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

Caitlin said...

Welcome to the Artful Quilters ring! Your Barker is *gorgeous* - there's certainly a mischievous look in his eyes, despite that regal bearing!

Gerrie said...

What a gorgeous dog and don't heknow it?!

Gerrie said...

What a gorgeous dog and don't heknow it?! gotta love a dog with attitude.