Monday, May 15, 2006


Yesterday I taught my first quilting class....Cara Gulati's "Radiant Suns"! I wasn't at all nervous about it UNTIL the class started and then wham, it hit me: I was the teacher and they were depending upon me to impart all of the important information and entertain them for the next three hours!!! Everything went well and my students were a great group. Thankfully they understood all that I said, and grasped the concept of curved piecing in a heartbeat, so that made me feel very good!!! There were supposed to be ten students, but one had to sign up for a later class because her husband had just suffered a stroke. Poor dears, I hope they are coping well and that he is recovering nicely. Anyway, I thought it was tremendously sweet that since it was Mother's Day, there were actually two sets of mothers and daughters taking the class, and two others who were great friends but could easily have been mother and daughter. I think that the older of that two was 89 years old. She was delightful and, of course, a very knowledgeable quilter and seamstress! I had to be on my toes!!!! Two of my other students were also named Judy (one with a "y" and the other with an "i"), and they were really nice. Here are the blocks that were completed in class:

Although not yet squared up, they are all wondeful...and the fabrics those girls had brought to choose from were terrific!

So, thank you Wanda, Judy, Judi, Jenny, Patty, Thea, Anita, Thea and Nora for being such a great group on my first teaching effort!

Last night Craig and I went over to Kristin and Dave's house and then out to dinner with them to Dakota Blue in Grant Park. What a fun restaurant....and such yummy food! The Creme Brule for dessert was the best I've ever put in my mouth...and Lord knows I've tried my fair share!
The kids gave me this beautiful necklace for Mother's Day.

Isn't it wonderful? I can hardly wait to wear it!!! It came from Dazzling Designs, one of our favorite artsy jewelry stores located here in Atlanta. (Thank you Dianna, I think the hyperlink actually worked!!! :-))

Remember all of those polka dotted fabrics? Well, here is the wall hanging that they are now a part of:

I think I will call this one "Radiant Moons" since the blocks appear to be floating in the black polka dotted background. I have not quilted it yet, but am looking forward to that. Right now, this is the shop sample at Intown Quilters where I will be teaching the class again in late June.

OK, now it's time to pack up and leave the condo. I have all of my necesary supplies to begin quilting the charmeuse dragonflies for my friend we need to hit the road!


Judy said...

ok, obviously I'm STILL doing something wrong with the hyperlinks! Darn!! Any helpful hints? Anyone????

Gerrie said...

You could switch to typepad!! Love the polka dot radiant moons. I took a class from Cara and donated the quilt to an auction last year. I had enough left to make a pillow top which is all quilted and just needs to be finished.

Anonymous said...

....knew you would be a hit!