Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dog Daze

We've been having such fun dog sitting for Marley. He and Barker keep eachother company...makes me think Barker needs a little friend of his own at home! NOT!!! Yesterday afternoon I got my haircut by Cindy the amazing hair cuttress in Virginia Highlands and then ran by my favorite Chico's. Here's what I got:

A cute, cute pair of white capris that have, what else: black polka dots!!!

A wonderful vest that is all different colors and has all sorts of stuff appliqued and sewn onto it.

This is a darling tee that appears to have an entire beach village drawn onto it. As you can see every so often there are bits of silk guaze that are semi appliqued onto the surface, as cottages, palm trees, beach umbrellas, etc. I don't know how well this will launder, but I'll worry about that later! I just love it!!!!

Here's the back, isn't it cute!!!

This morning we walked the doggies through the "hood" and checked to see if there were any yard sales happening. There were, and here is what I found:

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is having a wonderful exhibit of the mosaic sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalles( and today I took a mosaic class there. We were instructed to bring a flower pot, some gloves and any bits that we would like to adorn our pots with. Well, everyone else brought these itty bitty pots, and in I walked with a monster! Oh well, dream BIG!! So, I was searching for bits for my pot this morning. I really like the black and white polka dotted yard sale'll go well in the condo! My rather grandiose plan is to paint our coffee table and end table black and then mosaic the tops of both...won't that be cool? This is not an original idea, don't be too impressed. I took a class with Kaffe Fasset the other year and he talked about doing that at his house. Ever since then, I've wanted to try it! I think these pieces will work well in the condo.

See, here are some of the pots from this afternoon's class:

This is you can see, I have a ways to go!

This pot was done by the gal sitting to my left....I like her color choices, don't you?

The gal to my right was decorating this pot. She had brought in all these "finds" from the local Goodwill Store...aren't they great? So that gave me another idea...I have a huge bag full of my Mom's old costume jewelry, which I will add to my table tops!!

And last but not least is this cute trivet that another gal was working on. She was using old pieces of china that had belonged to her grandmother.


Gerrie said...

You, my dear, are having waaaay too much fun! I can't keep up with you.

Amanda said...

Please tell me that as a good Chico's girl you used your 50% off coupon.

Judy said...

Absolutely my dear! Not only did I use my 50% off coupon, but since this is my birthday month, there was that coupon just burning a hole in my purse pocket as well!!!

Amanda said...

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe.
I didnt get mine last year , even after complaing twice. So mine got spent pronto this year . My sister's husband paid her 10$ to quit looking for her lost coupon.She took the $ and continues to hope the coupon will show up.