Monday, May 08, 2006

Connecting the Dots

I was greeted by this in my garden this poppies are blooming!!!!! :-) I am so excited!!! You can see a bit of foxglove and roses in the background. A couple of my Japanese Roof Irises have popped, as well as the white rose campion, (from my friend Caroline, via friends Sam and Jane) that an oxymoron? white rose campion.....hmmmmmmm!

I've had a fun day, in spite of the below average temps here. The natives call this cool Spring weather "Blackberry Winter" because we always seem to have a cold snap just as the blackberries are blooming.

Dyed several batches of silk and cotton this morning...hopefully more about that tomorrow...and then I settled down to my sewing machine and pieced a few more of my Radiant Suns blocks, in preparation for teaching my class next week. It will be on Sunday, Mother's Day. Whoever would have thought that anyone would want to take a class on Mother's Day, but you know, most of my students are Mother/Daughter teams! What a GREAT, GREAT idea!! I hope that someday Kristin and I will take a quilting class together...then I will know that I have arrived....but I'm not holding my breath, Kristin!!!
So here are a few of the blocks, just placed together so you can get an idea how they are connecting:

Above is a "traditional" Red-Dark Red to Yellow combination of four blocks.

Remember my polka dotted fabric spree that I had a few weeks ago? Well, here is a combo from that little trip to Intown Quilters. I think this quilt will have to be called Radiant Moons, as the circles seem to be hanging in the dotted black. What do you think?

Here's another quadrant:

I love arranging the blocks like this...there is so much movement in them! Lake House has a huge assortment of dotty fabrics out right now, if you are interested....I have no affiliation, but I love the designs!!

And just one more:

This isn't necessarily how it will appear in the quilt but I just wanted to show you a few more of the fabrics. I think my favorite is the darker green, it has so much movement.....but I love all of the fabrics...I'm like a mother with 25 children, showing no favorites here!!

Good Night!!!

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