Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Dyed on Monday

And I had such a great time! I followed Melody Johnson's ( "The Lazy Dyer" technique and found it so easy and fun! Tuesday morning I washed out my fabrics and here's what I got:

I used Dharma's Turquoise, Fire Red, Yellow (I think this is #3), and then a mixed combo of Turquooise and Yellow. These each are on Habotai. Aren't they gorgeous?!!

This is a scrunched combo of the red and turquoise. I really like mottled fabrics, so this is very appealing to me. This is on cotton, as is the one below.

Again, this is a combo of the yellow and turquoise, which is a yummy Spring green...just a tad darker than chartreuse. Here they are together:

I think these look good enough to eat, don't you?

The rest of my dyes should be arriving tomorrow, so I'll be back in the studio for more play, er work.....darn I hate it when that happens!!!

****Somebody PLEASE tell me how to do the hyperlinks!!!


Dianna in Maui said...

Hi! Nice fabrics! Chartreuse and red violet are one of my favorite combinations (and any variation thereof).

For HYPERLINKS, in your edit window highlight the text you want to turn into a hyperlink, then click the little hyperlink button on the toolbar above (it's a picture of the world with a link of a chain). A window will come up and you type in (or paste) the address in the window. They put the http:// in for you, so remember to delete it if you paste in one that already has it. And that's it! Good luck.

Gerrie said...

OOOOOH! Love the fabrics. I hope to be dyeing my charmeuse by Monday. We are finishing setting up the studio this week-end.