Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Now that is what I've always heard! Our kids asked us to dogsit for Marley this weekend while they are at the beach, so this morning we drove down to their home in Ormewood Park and picked up Marley. Of course "Uncle" Barker was more than happy to have the company of his little nephew, but let me tell you those two boys just wear me out!!! Here are a few scenes from our drive home to Gainesville:

The Atlanta "Downtown Connector" in midmorning traffic. Not too bad really, considering.....!

Barker is playing the role of Goldilocks here...trying Marley's bed on for size! I think it's a tad bit too small too Barker!!

Marley doesn't care, he's just along for the ride, so to speak!!

After an exhausting stop at Sam's to buy cups for the homeless shelter, Barker settles down into his regular seat.

..............and Marley is in his bed all comfy and cozy.

And now Barker seems to have the best of both worlds...if I had a panoramic lens, you could see that Barker is still half in his seat!


Eva said...

The last picture of the dogs together, looks very cosy ;-)

Gerrie said...

Awwwww! What great dog photos. My dog, Maggie, does not like other dogs.