Monday, May 22, 2006

On Being the Birthday Girl....YEAH!!

Yesterday was my birthday. Ordinarily I wouldn't publicize something like that, but I had such a great time, thanks to family and friends, that I am still celebrating it in my mind! Craig and I went to the early church service at "home" and then we set out for fun and frivolities in Atlanta. There was a bit more synchronicity in my life yesterday: at church I saw my friend Mary Jane, who also oridinarily attends the later service. She allowed as to how she was there early so that she could go to the bead show in Gwinnett, which just so happens to be on our way to Atlanta. Sooooo, of course I had to stop at the bead show too! It was great fun, and I did a bit of birthday celebrating right there! A girl can never have too many beads, I've been told by my friend Diane, so I'm trying in vain to catch up to way I know! We took Barker to Chipotle's for lunch and then met up with Kristin and Dave. Their neighborhood was having their annual block party, so we visited there for a bit and then Kristin and I took off to do the tour of homes (South Atlanta Neighborhood Development). Here are a couple of my favorites:

This home is owned by one of Kristin's former neigbors, Maura. When she and her husband got divorced, Maura bought this lovely older home and renovated it. It is beautiful inside and out. Maura is also a Master Gardener, so her backyard is just a treasure! I enjoyed meeting her and hearing all about the reno. She has also worked her magic on another house two doors down, but I did not photograph it.

This is a new home, built in 2003, in a new neighborhood with shops, restaurants, townhomes, and free standing homes, such as this one. I was most excited about the turret room in the upstairs left, but regretably that was not on the tour. Boo!!

There were a total of 10 homes to view, and they were a wonderful mix of quaint older homes that had been lovingly restored and new homes with old home charm. I had a wonderful afternoon with my daughter!

Later we went back to Kristin and Dave's where they cooked us dinner: a yummy Mexican style stuffed peppers, delish Spanish rice, Margaritas, and then sinfully rich coconut/lime homemade sorbet with fresh sliced strawberries for dessert! What's a birthday girl not to love about that???

This morning Craig, Barker and I have cruised the Midtown 'hood.

This wonderul lace cap Hydrangea caught my eye.

We have bee watching the careful renovation of this lovely old Craftsman on Myrtle. I wonder if it was nearly this grand when it was first constructed? Can you see the red front door and sidelights? It will be charming when completed.

And last but not least, here is another of my favorites along Myrtle. I wish that the beautiful front garden showed up better in this photograph.

Thanks to one and all for my birthday all made it even sweeter for me and I love you!


Gerrie said...

I just love those houses! I had no idea that the craftsman craze went south!! Haooy Birthday, again!!

Maria said...

Happy belated birthday Judy!! Nice to hear that you had a lovley time =)

Eva said...

What a lovely birthday. Hope you have watched my blogg lately. I have my birthday greeting there for you.
I havn't sent your package yet, but it will come in due time :-)

Elle said...

Happy belated birthday to you and I love those houses! They are gorgeous!

alice ann said...

happy (belated) birthday, aunt Judy! Glad it was a good one. xoxo