Saturday, May 20, 2006

Smooth Sailing

Yesterday I had another wonderful incidence of synchronicity and it pushed me more than I could have imagined! I had been struggling with a wall hanging that I knew what I wanted to do with but just couldn't "get there". After Barker and I walked, I tuned into Simply Quilts and there was Laura Wasilowski demonstrating her technique for "Flowers of the Field"! So, since I had already done the lazy girl dyeing method a la Melody Johnson and I had purchased a whopping five yards of WonderUnder the day before, I got to work.! Here is the result:

I am pretty pleased with it, although if I were to do it again (and I will!), there are changes I will make! I have also been in touch with Judy Coates Perez and she has helped me enormously with my machine quilting on silk, advising me on fibers, needles, etc. It really does take a village, doesn't it? I think I will add a wavey border to Smooth Sailing, but that will have to wait until I pick up my wavey blade at the condo.

OK, now it's time to go play in the dirt...I have clematis, day lilies and hydrangeas begging to be planted!

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Rayna said...

This piece is an absolute delight, Judy. Whimsical and happy! Inspiration strikes at the strangest times, doesn't it?