Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Country Saved!!!

Well, I can't quite believe it myself, but I went through a ton of pockets yesterday and just before Craig was to call the credit card company and close our account, I found my/our card! WooHoo!!! So all is not lost!

I am working away quite happily on one of the commissioned fish quilts. I absolutely adore it and find it so much easier the second time around! I got the background quilted this morning and spent a bit of time this afternoon "dressing" fish #1. I can't wait to get them all on the background so that I can start beading!!!!! My friend Diane told me that beading was addicting and she is definitely correct.

We are heading off to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon....getting the hair chopped, some lights added and out to dinner. I am hoping that we can go view Nikki at Night on Thursday evening at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I've heard that that is the only way to truly appreciate Nikki's work.

Have you ever had a day when you felt like this?

Actually it happens to me a lot....especially when the martinis or wine have been flowing the night before!!! This is Nikki's "La Cabeza" and it weighs tons!!!

Here's another view:

I like the way the eye is positioned so that it looks like it is still looking at you from the side! See how very huge this cabeza is: that young man is walking inside to "pick its brain"!!!

That Nikki thought of everything! Here's are a couple of chairs that she crafted, located inside the Orchid House:

So, you've had your art field trip for the week and you can rest easy. Now, get back to work!!!


Gerrie said...

I'm getting lightened and trimmed tomorrow, too. I just love all of those statues. Have a fun week-end.

Pixie said...

ohhh dancing Niki's, crazy (in a good way) sculptures, and even some lacy power pylons for me since my last visit....heheheheh. I'm putting a link to you on my blog.