Thursday, June 22, 2006

City Life

We're spending a couple of days at the condo...a bit of R&R, so to speak! Country kids come to the city to relax and recharge...go figure!

This lovely poppy was blooming in my garden a month or so ago, but I don't think I ever shared it with, enjoy it now! All of my poppies have since gone to seed, and I've collected as much as possible to share with Kristin and Dave.

The very kind person who used to "share" his/her unsecured internet connection with us has either moved, had it secured, or turned it off! The nerve! The past two times we've stayed at the condo, we've been unable to get on line. It's amazing how much I get accomplished then! LOL This afternoon Craig got a bit antsy and started walking around the complex, laptop under his arm, searching for a signal. He finally found one, so here I sit out by the pool (it could be worse!), typing away. The weather is iffy at best...lots of thunder around, but so far no rain or lightening. We are hoping to take in Nikki at Night at the Botanical gardens this evening. It is only open at night on Thursdays, and we are rarely here during the week, so we need to take advantage!

Got in some good shopping at Chico's this morning...they are having their sale! I should have taken some photos to show you what a good shopper I was, but I didn't...use your imagination!

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Gerrie said...

I am just appalled! Pirating someone's internet service!! What is a nice Episcopalian like you thinking? Heh heh!

Did you get your highlights? I got some gorgeous color and highlights today - just love it!

Have a great city week-end!!