Monday, June 05, 2006

Dragonflies for Bobbie

This is a piece that I completed about two weeks ago. It measures 18" x 45" and was "painted" with Tinfix dyes on Silk Charmeuse. After gathering info and advice from Judy Coates Perez I machine quilted it sanwiching with wool batt and stitching with Superior's Bottom Line in the bobbin and their Natural Colors Trilobal Polyester on top. It was a lot of fun and I hope that my friend Bobbie enjoys having it in her home as much as I did making it for her.

Here's one more pic:

Bobbie joined us for dinner this evening and we had a really nice time. Our weather has been absolutley glorious for the past few days, and we were able to dine out on the patio! Craig smoked some Tuna, I grilled asparagus and made a spinach salad. We also enjoyed a terrific bottle of red wine that Craig carried home from our Tuscany trip almost two years ago. We also had a wonderful baguette of French bread with some olive oil for dipping, and Bobbie brought the most amazing chocolate roulade for dessert. She is an excellent cook, and if we weren't such good friends I would be intimidated to cook for her...she was a caterer in a former life! Once a month Bobbie and another friend of ours, Bob, takes communion to my Mom at her Assisted Living home. So you see, she is near and dear to my heart! Thanks, Bobbie, for all you do!!

I am wearing my pedometer religiously, but seem to be having problems with the readings. DUHHHHH! Today I was busy puttering around the house and didn't get in the walking that I would normally do, so I am only up to 6,515 steps, which my pedometer says equates to 2.67 miles or 144 calories burned....not too good! Yesterday, I racked up 13, 247 steps, and according to the memory display I hit a total of 11,964 on Saturday. I'm still not sure that I'm doing this totally correctly, but I may just take a strole around the driveway before I go brush my teeth and toddle off to bed!


Amanda said...

I have always said that I want a device that won't let me go to bed until I have run off any excess calories from the day. Or one that closed my mouth down before the candy got in it unless I ran a mile to make up for it first. So let me know if you can set your pedometer to do this .

Gerrie said...

Have you tested your pedometer by setting it at 0 and walking 20 counted steps to see if that is what i measured. You have to find just the right place on your body to get an accurate count. Mine is in the center of my waist or on the right hip.

The dragonflies are so pretty. I use superior bottom line in the bottom and the rainnbow on the top yum!