Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Saturday in the Park....

Since I had no internet access over the weekend at the condo ("you get what you pay for!"), I have photos to share! But first, I want to tell you that I think I may be figuring out my cute little pedometer! I do tend to hit the reset button (hello, it allows you 1.5 seconds to reset, but I manage to hit it for even longer than that!) quite regularly and erase all of my paces! My car seatbelt hits it quite frequently, and I found that I hit it the other morning while bending down to help my Mom put on her socks. Sheesh! So, for today, I've walked approximately 13, 177 steps, and I still have close to an hour before bedtime...no driveway walkin' for this girl tonight!!! Thanks also to Gerrie for giving me a hint on how to check my paces against the pedometer. Yes, mine is more accurate when planted firmly upon my center belly also! Very attractive!!! This morning I was stopped at a traffic light and reached down through my neckline to retrieve my pedometer off of my bra, and realized that the guy in the next car was giving me an odd look! So.......maybe wearing the pedometer on my waistband isn't such a bad thing afterall...just a thought!

I've been working on a few more things for the regatta sale, and have decided to try Mrs. Mel's "escape hatch" finish for the next wallhanging in the series. I came home from errands today without any more Wonder Under, so I'll be back out tomorrow to pick up some. I think I should just buy a bolt of it...with the price of gas, it would save money, wouldn't it?

OK, back to the weekend. Saturday mornings in Midtown are fun because the Green Market happens at Piedmont Park from 9 'till 1 every Saturday from Memorial Day until the first of October. It is a sort of Farmer's Market, but more. Folks come and sell cheeses, bouquets of homegrown flowers, fresh produce, homemade dog treats, handmade jewelry, potted plants, freshly baked goods, etc. If we are spending the weekend at the condo, we try to buy cheese, bread, fresh veggies, flowers for the table, pasta, and some fresh fruit. Last Saturday morning was lovely : cool, clear and very dry. Tons of folk were out....with their dogs!....and everyone was so happy and friendly. Craig and I bought fresh blueberries (our first of the season) to go on our homemade granola and yogurt. We were walking on to MetroFresh to buy soup for lunch, so we had to go easy on our purchases, so that we didn't have too much to carry home. (One time we bought three 5 gallon pots of daylilies and then realized that we had both Barker and Marley AND the three pots of plants to carry home! DUHHHHH)

OK, blogger is playing its tricks again, so I'll post this and then try to post pictures in the next (previous) post.

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