Thursday, June 15, 2006

Regatta Madness

I am frantically trying to finish up some pieces to show at the Reggae Regatta that will be held at the south end of Lake Lanier over the weekend. A few of us from the Quinlan Art Guild will be showing our wares. Here is "Red Sails":

I am going to affix (aka "glue") some rhinestones across the sky later today. Here's a closeup of the center sailboat.

All of my regatta series are done in hand-dyed silks, fused to either hand-dyed or hand painted silks, and then quilted.

Walking: yesterday I took the day off from exercise. I've been having a good bit of hip pain over the past year, which seems to be aggravated by sitting....not that I do that too terribly often. So I abstained from the aerobic walk and from my usual yoga, but still managed to log 8,556 steps. Feeling refreshed and energized this morning, Barker and I were back out beating the pavement. It's only about 5:00 PM and I'm already up to 11,469 steps. WooHoo!!! I did go see my family physician this afternoon, due to the hip pain, and after x-rays he commented that it looked like I had done a good bit of running in my lifetime.....well, yeah, but I quit several years ago. My hip joints are showing arthritic changes, but he thinks that the immediate concern is caused by a tendonitis, so thankfully I'm just on some antiinflammatory meds! I know, I know....too much information!

OK, here's your Niki fix for the day.....recognize yourself in either of these two poses?

It's about 95 here this afternoon, so running through the fountain with gay abandon looks very refreshing!


Gerrie said...

I have occasional hip pain. Aleve is my drug of choice! I got in over 13,000 steps today as I was waling around the Pearl district with friends, gallery hopping. Hope you sell some of your gorgeous sail boats!
Back to work!

Felicity said...

Yes, I do recognise myself - they must have used my bottom as inspiration!! Actually I think these look great, they'd certainly cheer me up if I passed them!