Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We're walkin' our way across the country! We're the Quilters with no Fat Quarters...I think there are just five of us: Debra, Julie, Gerrie, Junot and myself. I was the last one to sign up, after reading Debra and Gerrie's blogs. Anyway, we are now between Hanksville, Utah and Canon City, Colorado. The scenery is gorgeous...I especially love it early in the morning when the sun is just rising. Yesterday I walked a grand total of 13,885 steps!
We had our former neighbors, Betty and Wyatt, over for dinner last night. It was so nice to have a good long visit with them once again. We miss them terribly since they've moved into a retirement community, but I can totally understand them not wanting to keep up with their beautiful yard and flower gardens. So, for dinner we had a yummy beef tenderloin that Craig smoked, plus some roasted green beans, roasted sweet potatoes, a spinach salad and then for dessert, drum roll please: I made sherbet with dark sweet cherries and served it over my now famous lemon cake. Boy was that a treat!!!
Betty saw one of the sailboat scarves I have been painting, and bought it on the spot for a friend of hers! I will post pics of those scarves later today. I am having loads of fun with them.
OK, now what you've been waiting for.....another of Niki's Nanas:

I love the paisleys on this one's suit, don't you? Does anybody identify with this young lady?!!!

Have a great day. I see that Gerrie has posted a pic of her lovely liturgical hanging, so I've gotta go take another peak. It is wonderful....go check it out!

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Amanda said...

Song for the day "These boots are made for walking and thats just what I'll do "
But honey you don't have any fat quarters do you ? I have seen you in person. I do however note that extra work is needed as I age to keep the fat from being redeposited and making a spare tire. I have not tried the fusible you mentioned, as I am not into silks. Fusing is fun.
I updated my blog a bit.