Saturday, June 24, 2006


I have mounds to do, and am procrastinating! So here I sit at the breakfast table, looking out at our very peaceful view of the lake and trying to get motivated.

Craig and I did walk up to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens after dinner the other night to view the fabulous Niki de Saint Phalle mosaic sculptures. It was wonderful!!! We arrived at about 8:45 and I took the above photo, it was not totally dark yet.

Here are two of the Nana's dancing in the fountain with La Cabeza in the background....he looks like he's enjoying their dance, doesn't he? I must tell you that it was a bit after 9:00 PM at this point and next to the Botanical Gardens, Screen on the Green at Piedmont Park was just beginning. The movie selection for Thursday night was "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and so as we were enjoying the Nanas, we were also being serenaded by "Moon River". It was a most memorable experience!!!! After viewing the sculptures, we strolled back to the condo through Piedmont was packed with folks enjoying the movie, all lounging in the meadow on their blankets and sipping their wine! Atlanta is great!!! We had to linger a bit and watch Audrey Hepburn and George romantic! Wish we could have stayed for the whole thing, but just stopping by was nice.

Just a bit of the Atlanta skyline in the background, with part of the Orchid Conservatory in the foreground.

And here's Miles Davis!

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